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Cités Unies France is the head of a transpartisan and multilevel network of French local governments involved in international relations and decentralized cooperation, all equal whatever their status; its members cooperate and exchange with each other within the network.

Created in 1975, the association, chaired by Mr. François Rebsamen, the Mayor of Dijon and President of Dijon Métropole, forms a unique network of solidarity between French local authorities and foreign local authorities. Cites Unies France aims at assisting all French local authorities in the implementation of an international strategy, in order to improve their influence, their attractiveness, and the promotion of human, cultural and economic partnerships.

A convention regularly renewed with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs gives to the association mission of geographical and thematic animation within “country-groups” and through cross-cutting approaches.

Cités Unies France is a founding member of the World Organization of Local Authorities: United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) headquartered in Barcelona. At the European level, Cités Unies France is a founding member of PLATFORMA, a platform created in 2008 to bring together the European local governments associations and highlight their specificity in terms of development cooperation.